don’t hurt BEES. they just want to pollinate flowers and make honey. hurt WASP’s. fuck them and their old money, big mansions, and country clubs

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*likes your sexual post to let u know I’m down*


everytime you think “that’s too big to be a sea bass”

you’re wrong

you are fucking wrong

its always a fucking sea bass

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help me, i am trapped

in a haiku factory

save me, before they

guh I have an inner ear infection and I feel like death but I am going to Sakura con nothing will stop me (my doctor was seriously not helpful she just gave me motion sickness drugs and said I might have permanent hearing loss I hate this)


real women have curves. real women have one single, continuous, infinite curve. real women are a hollow sphere of mass 1kg, suspended in a void. calculate real women’s acceleration if real women is struck by an object accelerating east at 5m/s/s.

Anonymous asked: if you did a capstone, what would you talk about?

I’d probably talk about links between mental health and creativity and how my life has been affected by both (and I’d probably work in gender and sexuality and such and such, you know shit that’s changed me)


Saturday morning cartoons
By Cameron
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